Kate Elsey is an incredible artist who has invented a way of painting with only a paint scraper.

She also makes a mean gin and tonic and is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Stefan Delatovic, her good friend and admirer

lovely words about me from a phenomenal writer thank you Stef (also for setting this blog up all thoses days ago BTW I love your cartoons but they are hard to find? )

KATE ELSEY is an Australian painter. She is also currently working on video and ‘visual’ writing projects unifying the world’s imaginations through pictures and poetry.

The following examples of her work are from a selection of paintings sold in recent years. These works are created using only a paint removal scraper. Due to this unusual technique Kate has developed over twenty years, eschewing brushes for varying sized metal scrapers, her pictures become powerful textures within a space portraying a fierce depth of concern for the condition of natures planet and humanness.

Watch out for wilderness, its watching
Fascinated me. Interesting world are we. Alive and sometimes dream. Asking why are we here. Forever is a notion and illusion is a made up word.
Hello world. Wake up and sleep. Turn into a molecule and follow the wisdom of the air. Drop all your hesitations and love and care. KE


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